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Sex education opens doors for the gospel

Invite a well known evangelist to speak, pass out 30,000 flyers.  Put posters all over town to advertise the special meeting.  The result?  Two or three visitors.  This is the the typical response traditional evangelistic methods produce in Japan.  The Japanese claim to be favorable to Christianity, and many express an interest in Gospel, but getting them to actually take a step in the right direction is very difficult.

On the other hand…air a daily 90 second radio spot with a family life hint. Rent large halls in cities where the program airs and invite radio listeners to a lecture on parenting by the radio host.  The result?  Over 1,200 attendees in eight different cities listen intently to biblical principles of parenting.  Some begin attending local churches, some buy Christian literature and others invite the host to speak in their schools and communities, further multiplying the impact.

This is just one of the doors that family issues open in Japan.  Other doors open when local churches invite Family Forum Japan (FFJ) staff members to present seminars on parenting, marriage and sexual morality and invite the community in.  Still other doors are opened by the message of sexual abstinence, which is beginning to be welcomed in some secondary schools and colleges.

Please pray for the 11 full time, part time, volunteer and missionary workers of Family Forum Japan (a ministry of TEAM) as they use family issues and sex education as a “wedge” to open doors to the gospel in Japan.

By Family Forum Japan

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