Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI)




Our desire is to establish innovative churches that bring Christ to the least-reached communities of Japan’s largest metropolis. We hold fast to our values of being dependent upon and directed by God, incarnational and holistic, innovative and culturally relevant, reproducible and team-oriented. We also focus greatly on disciple making by equipping believers to fulfill their God-given potential as well as encouraging Japanese to lead with their gifts.

Missionaries currently working in this initiative:

Steve & Kelly Baughn
David McClanahan
Jeff & Kelly Pagaragan
Noriko Snow
Steven & Kyehee Taylor
Shelby Zmudzinski


This initiative is located in Oyama, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo. Over 30 million people reside in the greater Tokyo area. The Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI) team hopes to have many projects in many corners of this fascinating city. We have already begun many successful outreaches, including a café, a church, English classes, university ministries and orphanage visits.

SonRise Café

In October of 2009, we started the SonRise Café, open during the week, and SonRise Church, open each Sunday. SonRise Café is our first project and is located in the Nerima/Itabashi Ward on the second floor of a building on the Happy Road shopping street in the town of Oyama. The café is our attempt to be part of our community and, through this venue, to meet people of all ages, develop friendships and show them the love of Christ.  Our cafe is committed to His glory and His glory alone! We look forward to someday seeing a group of believers giving glory to God in worship and praise. We pray that TMMI will be a church-planting movement that will, by God's blessing, take off and transform the greater Tokyo area for Christ. The café sells coffee, food and desserts and serves as a gathering place for those in the community. It also provides a springboard for relational evangelism, which is incarnational living and meeting the people in the local community at their point of need.

SonRise Church

SonRise Church seeks to function as a loving family, supporting and encouraging each other. We want to reflect the joy of being in a relationship with the living God. We also want to reach out to one another and our community with acts of compassion.
Our heart’s desire is to see Tokyo, as well as the nation of Japan, transformed by the love of God.

English Ministries

The café has also built and continues to build relationships with customers through various English ministries. “Mommy and Me” classes and parenting courses build connections with children and families. One-on-one English conversation classes during the afternoons also provide opportunities to get to know people better. 

Rikkyo University's METS

Through the café, we have created a significant connection to Rikkyo University’s METS (Metropolitan English Talking Society). We send team members to their meetings three times a week. We then invite METS members to events at the café and around Tokyo, where we have opportunities to share the gospel.

Matsubaen Orphanage

We have also established a significant connection to Matsubaen Orphanage. We have been volunteering at their short-term stay program once a month. Since the beginning of 2014, we have also started putting on kids’ parties for them at SonRise Café to strengthen our relationship with the main orphanage. 

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