Church Partnerships


Our vision is to work alongside the local Japanese church leadership, aiding their growth by using our unique skills, interests, and passions to create opportunities to spread the gospel and invest in the spriitual growth of Japanese believers and the church.

Missionaries currently working in this ministry initiative are: 

Paul & Violette Bridgman - Sakuragaoka Christ Church, Okayama Prefecture
Scott & Kyoko Nelson - Kurume Bible Church, Tokyo Prefecture
Amy Ravenscroft - Itsukaichi Bible Church and Living Chapel, Hiroshima Prefecture
Rob & Yoko Taylor - Shinshu Community Church, Nagano Prefecture

Ministry Focus:

We are made up of various missionaries serving in local churchs throughout Japan.  While methods and specific ministries may vary according to the needs of the church and the gifts of the missionaries, our common passion is to engage and serve the church and community where God has placed us, taking advantage of the speical opportunities He gives us.  Whether it be through English classes, Bible studies, cooking classes, discipleship, or preaching, we seek to spread the gospel and encourage the Japanese church to the glory of God. 


"We are working alongside a church that we had a part in developing. It now has a full-time pastor and a building. Believers have taken over the various ministries in the church. Now we continue to go to meetings at the church on an advisory role, assisting only when and where we are needed. We have evangelistic English classes in our home and the community for outreach. Paul also does volunteer work at the local grade schools to help get to know more people in the community so we can share Christ with them." 

–Paul & Violette Bridgman


"We are serving in cooperative ministry with the Kurume Bible Church, while carrying on various outreaches in our home and community, such as evangelism, children’s English Classes and Adult Bible studies.  Our hope is that we will be an encouragement to the Kurume Bible Church and this will in turn lead to their growth and impact for Christ, as well as encourage shared vision, help and the growth of Christ’s body in our area.”  

--Scott and Kyoko Nelson


"We want to be  part of bringing the parallel lines of church and community together.  Our desire is to see the body of Christ go into the community and the community come into the body of Christ. "

--Rob and Yoko Taylor


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