Learning and Development Ministry Initiative (LDMI)


We envision providing learning and development opportunities for all TEAM Japan missionaries to enhance lifelong learning so they can better fulfill their God-given calling to accomplish TEAM Japan’s vision.

Our Team:

Steve Baughn, leader
Dan & Linda Rudd

Language & Culture Acquisition:

Stephen & Kaytlin Brock
Matt & Tori Jansson
David McClanahan
Chris & Tracy Pousseur
Caleb & Beth Anne Trim

Ministry Focus:

Our passion is for holistic learning and development, specifically in a Japanese context, from the beginning of a missionary’s career to their retirement. While the establishment of reproducing churches is our ultimate purpose, we believe that the ministry of learning and development could be the tip of the arrow to see us achieve our goals.

This initiative takes into account many different aspects of learning and development, such as

  1. language and culture
  2. ministry and method 
  3. missionary support
  4. church cooperation

Below is an overview of what these categories cover.

Language and Culture

  • Intensive language & culture instruction
  • Specialized language learning
  • Life-time language learning

Ministry and Methods

  • Church planting training
  • Leadership training
  • Evangelism & discipleship training
  • Counseling & coaching training
  • Specialized training

Missionary Support

  • Member Care
    • Counseling
    • Emotional support
  • Onboarding of new missionaries
    • Communication & logistical support
    • Mentoring
    • Learning Community

Church Cooperation 

  • Japanese worship
  • Japanese church integration
  • Japanse church relationships

Our desire is to serve missionaries in ways that equip and enable them to go out and complete the mission that God has called them to!


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