Kita Kobe Ministry Initiative (KKMI)


Our vision is to start reproducing churches in Japan, with worship of the Lord God as the main goal of each church plant. We want this worship to be fueled by evangelism and intentional discipleship, making us part of a church planting movement in our generation.

The missionaries currently working in this initiative are:

Stephen & Satomi Sakamoto

This initiative in located in Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.

Our outreach generally follows the pattern of gathering, discipling and planning. We want to reach out, build relationships that can mature and grow and then encourage those we meet to do the same.


We seek to bring men, women and children together for the purpose of evangelism and outreach. We form topic groups that can speak into and focus on different issues or interests that are specific to each group. Topics for meetings may include:

  • Husbands’ marriage small groups
  • Wives’ marriage small groups
  • Parenting classes for mothers of young children
  • Bible & baking clubs
  • Children’s Sunday School classes on Sunday morning, and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Adult and children’s conversational English classes
  • Sunday morning chapel services
  • Weekday home beginner Bible studies
  • Kindergarten children’s English & Bible meetings
  • High school youth meetings
  • American Church-based homestay trips for Japanese participants


We aim to not just form friendships, but to truly train leaders and equip believers to share the gospel with others. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Weekly Sunday chapel meetings
  • Small group discipleship meetings
  • One-on-one discipleship meetings
  • Planning and participation in outreach events to make new contacts


In addition to discipling, we also begin “Starting by Planning,” which includes passing on the vision for reproducing church plants to our believers by constantly talking together about it, praying together for a new location to start it and taking them along to investigate possible locations to start another meeting place. We also desire to have an intern partner from the beginning to help us when we start a new location, hoping that within two to three years, he will become the main leader responsible for that church plant location.

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