Central Nagano Ministry Initiative (CNMI)


Our vision is to establish reproducing churches in the Central Nagano area in partnership with Japanese and sending churches. Our ultimate desire is to see 1% of the population in the Matsumoto valley become fully devoted Christ-followers.

The missionaries currently working in this initiative are:

Jon and Tammy Junker
David and Naho Junker
Tim & Jenny Martin
Chris and Megumi Risden

Japanese Pastor:

Takeshi Koiwai

We are located in Matsumoto Valley, Nagano Prefecture, working to establish reproducing churches. By partnering with national pastors, we strive to plant churches or build up weak churches so the gospel can go forth and multiply within this region. We are seeing a momentum build that we have never experienced in this area. God is doing something that we believe can affect the whole of Japan!

Our initiative involves various activities designed to engage the community and train up the next generation of believers. One of which is the Central Nagano Bible School, which is training laymen to teach and reach their own people. There are also English classes, friendship evangelism and special meetings, which can include activities such as scrapbooking and cooking. Additionally, our Bible bookstore is a way for us not only to provide Christian materials, but also to act as a doorway for many unbelievers to be exposed to the gospel. Through partnerships and participation in the community, God’s word is being made known in Matsumoto Valley!

We seek North American and Singaporean church partnerships to help us establish reproducing churches or renew churches that are struggling. Being involved in a partnership is an incredible opportunity that includes:

  • Visiting Japan to learn and explore the needs of a possible partnership.
  • Making a commitment of five years and coming multiple times to form bridges and relationships.
  • Using gifts and abilities unique to the church and that fit into the Japanese program and needs.
  • Being willing to accept Japanese believers or unbelievers for homestays, and leaders for mutual encouragement and vision building.

Vision Trips

We encourage potential church partners to take part in a vision trip. A vision trip is an opportunity for key church leaders from the United States and Singapore to come to Japan and examine the possibilities of working together for the next five years to establish reproducing churches. The vision trip will give an opportunity for potential church partners to see what the real need is and for Japanese churches to find out how the American and Singaporean churches can use their gifts and abilities to come alongside and support them.

As we are praying about and seeking long-term commitments from church partners to supply short-term teams, our Japanese Pastor, Takeshi Koiwai, has introduced many ideas for potential opportunities for short-termers. Here are some of the things you could do as a team to reach out to the people in our area:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Snowboarding
  • Music/worship
  • Drama/skits
  • Cooking, scrapbooking, and other crafts
  • Teaching on building healthy families and homes
  • Marriage counseling
  • ESL programs
  • Work teams
  • Using professions such as doctors
  • Performing seminars on leadership

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Catching the Wave

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