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When Slow Business Brings People to God

If SonRise Cafe were more concerned with making a profit, Taijo might not know Jesus today.  

Biking to Belong

In Tokyo, many moms ride "mamacharis" (slang for mom's bike) to take their children to school. When Kaytlin moved to Japan, she wasn't planning on biking often. But when it became a necessity, she was forced to face her fear. Now, biking is Kaytlin's favorite pastime. And when she rides, she feels like she belongs.

Reflections of Tohoku – Heart Connections

Christina Jones’ heart broke after seeing the devastation that took place on March 11, 2011. God brought her to Japan and to TEAM Japan to minister to the survivors of that disaster. Christina has worked in a few different areas of Tohoku since the summer of 2011, sharing her life and her smile with the Japanese and volunteers alike. Read her poignant reflections on her blog:

Sending Hope Across the Sea

Short-term missionaries, now back in the U.S., continue ministering to friends they met in Japan.


Bringing Good News to Those in the Mountains

We stand amazed at the work of Christ in the life and service of TEAM Japan missionary, Judy Galley. She first arrived in Japan 50 years ago on November 16, 1963. Judy has spent most of her time working in the Japanese Alps and in very rural areas where there are relatively few people.  It was “on return from my first Home Assignment, when I was flying over Japan, I noticed homes on the mountains and wondered if the people living there had ever heard about Christ.” And that was the beginning of a lifetime spent visiting individual homes to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly, Judy’s ministry is spoken of in the verse “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…” (Isaiah 52:7). Read more >

Finding Hope in Broken Pieces

In the city of Ishinomaki, devastated by the March 2011 tsunami disaster, a social enterprise offers hope, dignity, community and a sustainable income to women.


3/11 Disasters: Two Years Later

Disaster. Destruction. Death. These words come to mind when remembering the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011. Although the world has moved on, the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who lost family, homes and all their belongings continue to be a huge challenge.TEAM continues to minister to these people, sharing the light of Christ. Missionaries Jim and Eileen Nielsen, together with their dedicated team within the Iwate Ministry Initiative, continue to sacrificially serve the affected people at their real point of need. They are there to bring HOPE!

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Celebrating 60 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Sixty years in the same job… sounds virtually impossible, but it’s not! We’re celebrating God’s faithfulness throughout the missionary career of Stella Cox. Read Stella’s first prayer letter, written just one week after arriving in Japan. Her passion for the salvation of Japanese has not dimmed throughout her life. She is an example to us. May she be an inspiration to you.

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A Light in the Community

As the vision for a café ministry began to be realized three years ago, the Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI) hoped to see unique opportunities arise for outreach and evangelism through being a light in the community. God has brought people and opportunities their direction in amazing ways. An outreach to university students began with a contact from the café that has been the catalyst to a great ministry to students from a local university. One of the students now attends English Bible studies on Wednesdays!

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Join The Vision In Takamatsu!

Takamatsu is a beautiful city on the island of Shikoku, facing Japan’s Inland Sea. It was a much smaller country town when Ralph and Stella Cox arrived 58 years ago to begin planting churches. It is now a very modern, progressive city that attracts many tourists every year. The beauty of this place is evidence of our Creator God that, unfortunately, most Japanese still do not believe in.

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March 11, 2011 Disasters One Year Later

​Close to 16,000 people dead and 3,500 people still missing. Wreckage equivalent to 30 years’ worth of garbage gathered and stacked in ‘mountains’ awaiting disposal. It has been a year since Japan’s magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that hit 500 kilometers (311 miles) of Japan’s north-east coast line. The world may have moved on but TEAM missionaries wonder if life will ever be the same in Japan.

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Pouring Your Life into Others…

Instilling knowledge. Influencing lives. Building character. Living Christ day by day in front of your students. All of these are a part of teaching and coaching in a Christian school.

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Time to Build an Ark!

​Halloween is gaining popularity in Japan, but “trick-or-treating” is not yet a common practice. However, since the American School in Japan is located in our neighborhood, our area has become famous for “trick-or-treating”. Although I don’t personally want to promote Halloween, I’m also not one to miss out on a huge evangelism opportunity!

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81-Year-Old Finds New Life

Back in 2009, we met Mr. Tsuchiya, an elderly gentleman who was actively involved in the community. Mr. Tsuchiya was interested in English, and some months later, he and several other seniors started attending Agape Church’s monthly English Cafe. Mr. Tsuchiya found Murray’s talks about the Bible to be very intriguing and wanted to learn more, so he requested a Bible. It was Mr. Tsuchiya’s very first time to open a Bible and to read it for himself. Then he asked Murray if he could meet with him for Bible study. Mr. Tsuchiya was so hungry to learn more of God’s word that once a week wasn’t enough; he wanted to meet twice a week and probably would have been happy for more.

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Café Evangelism

​Since moving to Tokyo almost three years ago, the vision of the Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI) has been to create a place that provides unique opportunities to share the gospel, and to establish it in the local community to meet and build relationships with people. In October of 2009, we started the SonRise Café, open during the week, and SonRise Church, open each Sunday.

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TEAMHorizons Volume 6 Issue 2

This issue of TEAMHorizons covers stories from Japan and China. The article on Japan is attached below. The entire issue and back issues are available at TEAM’s web site or you can subscribe online for a free subscription. Check out their web site for amazing photos!

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Aftershocks of Japan’s Triple Disaster

March 11 changed the psyche and coastline of a nation. The earthquake and tsunami claimed the lives of over 20,000 souls, erased whole towns and communities up and down 300 miles of the Pacific coast. The tidal wave-damaged nuclear reactors are not under control and still pose a potentially catastrophic threat to the nation.

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Japan Earthquake Relief

On March 11, at 2:46 p.m. local time, an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude struck Japan. Centered 250 miles northeast of Tokyo, the quake and resulting tsunami caused tremendous damage and an as yet undetermined loss of life. Transportation and communication have been severely interrupted, leaving millions of people stranded and making information difficult to obtain.

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Sex education opens doors for the gospel

Invite a well known evangelist to speak, pass out 30,000 flyers.  Put posters all over town to advertise the special meeting.  The result?  Two or three visitors.  This is the the typical response traditional evangelistic methods produce in Japan.  The Japanese claim to be favorable to Christianity, and many express an interest in Gospel, but getting them to actually take a step in the right direction is very difficult.

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SonRise Cafe

One day while drinking hot cocoa, a young girl read the Manga Messiah.  At the same time, as she drank her cup of coffee, her mother asked questions where we went to church. While we serve up lattes, Italian sodas and coffee, we are able to meet people from all walks of life - businessmen, housewives, singles, marrieds and the elderly.  We provide Christian reading materials on our shelves as well as handmade craft items for sale.  We are thankful for this kind of scene at SonRise Cafe, a scene we hope to see repeated over and over again!

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The Illumination for Jesus Story

What does your church do to reach new people at Christmas time? Like America, churches in Japan design many programs to encourage new people to come to church. ​

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